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Welcome to dsp Oracle Support Oracle Consulting Server Service SQL Server Consulting Oracle Service from dsp reaches the front of both technology and assistance. As market leaders, we are pleased keep maintaining and to handle several of Programs in UK and Europe and the greatest and highprofile Oracle Databases. Being an important & lsquo Platinum Spouse Oracle Repository Specialised we come highly recommended by Oracle. So you can not be unconfident that your mission about faq policy testimonials critical techniques are in expert hands-no matter exactly what the concern or period. At the front of Oracle technology for both programs and database solutions, dsp are for Consultancy at its finest. In the Oracle area, we have gained over 20 Oracle prizes over time and prefer to consider ourselves together of the greatest in the UK. Applying our expertise, you can be helped by us to: Establish options and your challenges Handle dilemmas in a way Apply technology options that travel choices Optimize current and technology assets that are future Maximise performance, output and profitability Provide unparalleled customer-service, for charge that is small Dsp provide SQL Server Help for all variations and characteristics, across a wide variety of windows websitese following is provided by our SQL Server DBAs: Microsoft Sqlserver 2000 help Microsoft SQL Server 2005 support Microsoft SQL Server 2008 service Microsoft Sqlserver 2008 R2 support SQL Server 2012 assistance The Microsoft Sqlserver knowledge system lives and breathe and we know how exactly to encourage it to meet up with your business' needs. We are able to save money and time, while launching scalability and reduced downtime, combining your Microsoft SQL Server database locations by upto 80%. Our SQL Server Consultancy specialists, we help you discover: The value of knowledge access and one's data program Your future goals and the thing you need to have there The discomfort items in your info property and how to resolve them A reliable information system for business-critical programs The easiest way with reporting to perform transactions in parallel A method for aging -to- sources that are retire п»ї

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